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Medical Services Ultrasound

Free Ultrasounds

If you take our free pregnancy test and it turns out positive, an ultrasound is important for confirming that the pregnancy is viable, meaning capable of developing under normal conditions.

This is a safe, easy way to learn what you need to make a decision about being pregnant. Corbella Clinic offers free, limited obstetrical (OB) ultrasounds for women with a positive pregnancy test.

Before you make a decision, you should know three important facts about your pregnancy:

  1. Is your pregnancy in the uterus? If you have an ectopic pregnancy (also called a tubal pregnancy), the pregnancy develops in the fallopian tube and can become life-threatening to you. A positive pregnancy test won’t tell you whether your pregnancy is ectopic or in the uterus – only an ultrasound can, which is what makes it so vital.
  2. Is your pregnancy viable, meaning likely to carry to term? An ultrasound can identify a fetal heartbeat and heart rate. If a heart rate and beat cannot be verified, the pregnancy may not be viable. One of every three known pregnancies ends in miscarriage.
  3. How far along are you in your pregnancy? You’ll want to know how many weeks pregnant you are before deciding what to do next. Accurate ultrasound measurements provide you with this information.

A registered nurse will perform your ultrasound. A physician will then review the results to determine if your pregnancy is in the uterus, measure the baby’s development, and check the baby’s heartbeat.

Schedule Free Ultrasound Appointment

If you don’t have insurance, taking a free pregnancy test and following it with a free ultrasound will help you confirm your pregnancy and obtain referrals for prenatal care. Call: 847-697-0200 or Text: 224-268-5848 to discuss and arrange a free ultrasound. You can also schedule an appointment here.