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Resource & Referral Assistance

Support Services Resource & Referral Assistance

Including Prenatal Care, Child Care and Food Pantry

Choosing to parent your child means you embrace the beauty and the journey of rearing a life that will be unlike any other. At the same time, being a parent can feel overwhelming if you are also facing financial challenges or obstacles to other material support you need.

If you ever find yourself in this position, plenty of assistance is available to you. Sometimes you just need a little help in finding it.

Corbella’s trained and experienced staff can help you locate resources and referrals in areas such as:

  • Child care
  • Medical assistance and Medicaid
  • Continuing your education
  • Nutrition
  • Housing
  • Prenatal care or other medical assistance
  • Job-skills training
  • Transportation

Should you and your child ever need support with maintaining regular meals, we can direct you to a local food pantry as well. We’ve made sure to develop the best possible network for contributing to your daily needs as a parent, including dependable, reputable child care and prenatal care.

Inquire further into our resources and referrals for life and parenting skills, child care and prenatal care, as well as for connecting with a local food pantry. Call: 847-697-0200 or Text: 224-268-5848 today. You can also schedule an appointment here.